Prashant Chandra

Prashant Chandra was enrolled to practice law in 1979. He has since been practicing in all jurisdictions in various High Courts as well as the Supreme Court of India and is a Door Tennant in Halcyon Chambers, Birmingham, United Kingdom. He was designated Senior Advocate by the Full Court of Uttar Pradesh High Court and has a right of audience before courts by virtue of designation as a Senior Advocate. He has experience of more than four decades in legal practice and has been rendering legal advice and practicing in all branches of law on a regular basis. He has handled cases on land laws, industrial disputes, service matters, arbitration, trademark, copyright, taxation, company matters, constitutional matters, testamentary and matrimonial jurisdictions and has expertise in preventive detention matters. Authored a book- liberty, child custody and detention forwarded by Hon’ble Mr Justice Vikram Nath, Judge Supreme Court of India and published and printed by Lexis Nexis in April 2023. Founder trustee of Center of Excellence Mediation and arbitration( CEMA) which is an autonomous centre for mediation and arbitration both domestic and international and has its own rules framed in conformity with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and the UNCITRAL.

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