Area Of Practice

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Prashant Chandra & Co. is known for its dedicated team of lawyers and boasts of a very high success rate attributable to contribution by the said team of highly qualified and skilled battery of lawyers and paralegals. Most of the lawyers of the team have represented some of the largest conglomerates of the country in several high stake matters. Our cutting edge legal acumen and a committed set of lawyers are driven to achieve nothing less than the best results for our clients. We have expertise in efficiently handling not only domestic arbitrations but also International Commercial Arbitrations, with our core team consistently engaged in all phases of arbitration.

Commercial Disputes

We boast of a set of highly skilled lawyers who are adept in dealing with the complex set of commercial disputes with much ease and comfort.

Capital Markets

With an unparalleled expertise in financial and capital markets, we assist our clients in undertaking steps which are in alignment with their financial and corporate goals.

Consumer Law

We have an able team of lawyers well versed in consumer laws who efficiently represent our clients across all the foras pertaining to the consumer laws. Consumer satisfaction is the paramount endeavour.

Matrimonial Dispute

We give specialized representation to our clients in matters pertaining to maintenance, divorce, custody, restitution of conjugal rights and other related issues.

Financial Fraud

We have decades of experience in successfully representing our clients in several high profile white collar crime and financial fraud matters. We also advise and assist our clients in carrying out necessary compliances to mitigate the risks and damages that may arise in future.

Real Estate

Real Estate Industry is an engine of growth in modern times. As the stakes are high, so is the investment by the relevant stakeholders. We understand the importance of time bound relief for our clients when it comes to the modern day real estate sector.

Intellectual Property Rights

We are engaged in staunchly defending the interests of our clients in the realm of Intellectual Property. We have a battery of lawyers which is adept with laws pertaining to Copyright, Patent, Trademark and Geographical Indication

Criminal Litigation.

At Prashant Chandra & Co., we have  a team comprising of a wide array of lawyers who are adept in fulfilling the interests of their clients in not only pre-trial stage but also at post trial stage. We have successfully represented our clients in high-profile criminal matters particularly at the appellate stage

Banking & Finance

We are one of the leading names in the arena of banking and finance. We have represented for and against the NBFCs and the major banks. We adopt a client oriented approach to achieve results which are in harmony and alignment with the financial interests of our clients.


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