About Us

About Us

Prashant Chandra & Company is a full service law firm, founded in year 1989, founded jointly by Senior Advocates Prashant Chandra and Sunil K Jain. The firm has since been continuing and operating under the able leadership of Mr. Sunil K Jain after the designation of Mr. Prashant Chandra as a Senior Advocate. However the supervision and guidance of Mr Prashant Chandra has always been there and is readily available. Prashant Chandra & Co. has several affiliates in India and abroad. The firm has carved a niche for itself in India as well as globally. Prashant Chandra and Company is efficiently managed by a team of legal professionals and paralegal under the abbled guidance of Mr. Sunil K Jain, Advocate who is Primarily practicing in the Supreme Court of India.
With its presence in New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad,Nainital , Lucknow and Allahabad, as well as a foreign arm in England and UAE, Prashant Chandra & Co. is strategically placed to represent its clients in India as well as in several other countries.
Prashant Chandra & Company specializes in all legal matters including but not limited to Arbitrations (Domestic & International), Excise, White Collar Crimes, Banking Law, Excise, Intellectual Property, Constitutional Law, Service Law, Customs, Matrimonial Law, Insolvency Law, Citizenship, Company Law etc. The firm under the patronage dynamic leadership of Mr. Prashant Chandra, assisted has emerged as one of the most fearless law firms and is known to possess the requisite nerves of steel and expertise to guard the interest of its clients most effectively. Our relationship with our clients is built on trust and commitment and is result oriented.
Our team includes qualified legal practitioners and research oriented paralegals possessed of a wide spectrum of experience. The team is well equipped to render legal advice and effectively overcome the legal hurdles facilitating the grant of relief to the client.

Our Vision

At Prashant Chandra & Co, we have been displaying an epitome of excellence in law practice driven by our vision to provide effective, unparalleled and extraordinarily skilled professional representation to our clients. We seek to provide solutions to our clients which are time as well as cost effective. Our commitment to provide qualitative and effective solutions and legal service to our clients distinguishes us from the rest. We are committed to keep pace with development of law globally and with the ever evolving challenges emerging each day endeavouring to provide justice at the doorstep. We take pride in nurturing our relationship with our esteemed clients by providing result oriented solutions and also being a staunch defender of their interests on all conceivable fronts.

We are always desirous of attracting, nurturing and encouraging in the professional growth of the legal fraternity; and of those who share our values and contribute towards excellence in the legal arena. We are contributed to contributing in the evolution of the legal community by consultently encouraging ethical practices and legal research. Besides inviting students with aptitude as also promising young lawyers desirous of building highly successful careers in the legal field, to join us, our envendore toassociate and jointly work with legal professionals all over the world.
At Prashant Chandra & Co., we always strive to act as Strategic Partners in ones journey to achieve legal redress and consultations with less time consuming and cost effective solutions.

We are always contributing in the evolution of the legal community by encouraging ethical practices and legal research

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